Ice ice baby

Not quite sure of the science behind it, but just the threat would make most sane, intelligent people (thereby ruling out many Americans, of course) crap in their pants. That of course, is the possibility that increasing global temperatures might increase volcanic activity on Iceland. The current eruption of an unpronounceable volcano in Iceland has pretty much shut down air travel in much of Europe and is otherwise… bad.
Interestingly, increased airborne particulate matter (as spews out of volocanoes) might temporarily mask the trend of rising global temperatures… who knows…
Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes… oh my. And yet… don’t you think all of it pales in cosmic significance to the anouncement of SEC charges against the source of two of the last four Treasury Secretaries and the actual masters of this country Goldman Sachs? The allegation is a mere billion dollar fraud associated with a mortgage-backed securities scheme (Goldman’s impact on the world economy for its fraud is somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times that number, of course), but even a chink in the fortress of uber-money is interesting. Given the Obama Administration’s fealty to big money, of course, the question is whether this is a real action, or just a populist kabuki. Will we be on the cusp of reform… or just the recipient of more ice in the winter?
Time will tell… this has been… “ice ice baby.”