A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin made the legally correct (and entirely irrelevant) decision that the National Day of Prayer is an unconstitutional infringement on freedom of (or from) religion, as mandated by the First Amendment,
With all due respect to the (oh so self-important) “serious minded” atheists: who the f*** cares? Americans are dying, right now, in every sense and every way! For starters,. our countrymen are dying in misguided, pointless imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they are dying of the effects of obesity at a rate never before seen in human history (and not likely to be seen again); they are dying from the effects of a hopelessly broken (yet insanely expensive) “health care” delivery system; they are dying from the crappiest food people have ever eaten (see above re: obesity)… and from an economy that, after years and years of shifting its underpinnings for cheaper haunts in Mexico, China, and (the one true) God knows where else, has finally caught up, rendering us the empty shell of a country we find ourselves today (although a select few still manage to extort billions from the rest of us via financial frauds and shell games).. Oh… and thanks to irresponsible energy usage patterns (and btw, our social structures, such as the exurban McMansion and the SUV are just a small part of this,,, wild and crazy energy usage such as the very means by which you are reading this now is also a big part of the energy problem) we can count on oceans rising, storm intensity increasing, farmlands dwindling amidst drought and other issues, and of course… all this will hit at times we are utterly unprepared to deal with any of it. Boy, oh boy oh boy. And you’all know my feelings toward the creeping (or not so creeping) totalitarianism that millions of Americans are begging for, to “protect them” from swarthy people (even as swarthy people are poised to become the majority of our citizenry within a few decades). It seems I picked a bad week to give up drinking… no wonder my referrer logs say traffic is down… Christ, I’m even depressing myself!
If some people want to pretend that everything’s o.k. by pretending that a Supreme Being will make everything o.k. and from that get succor for an existence that has largely been pointless since the Industrial Revolution sucked all the meaning out of human existence and replaced it with singleminded pursuit of cash and worship of Mamon… just who the f*** are you atheists to get in their way? No one is making YOU pray to anyone (and btw, the One True God is going to be awfully pissed at you all one of these days… just saying…) So, let our countrymen have their damned “national day of prayer.” Maybe a few of them won’t decide to solve their problems by flying airplanes into government buildings, if you know what I mean, if they think that “someone up there” actually GIVES a s^^^ about them. Honestly… in a nation where the Government insists you have no privacy, and no rights whatsoever if it feels like calling you “a terrorist” (and folks, one of these days, it won’t be a Muslim to whom this special treatment is extended)… spending good time and effort to advance the symbolism of state sponsored atheism may be a luxury that we just can’t really afford. If you know what I mean.
This has been… “Trivialities,”