Happy 2019

In the (OMG) over 17 years of this blog, I am not sure I’ve posted new year’s resolutions, but when SNL’s Jane Curtin resolves to ‘make sure the Republican Party dies,” I am happy to make an exception!
I was going to try to take a moment of solipsism and post some athletic goals (as of today, I weighed in at a not svelte 187.4… or was it .6? lbs.. The goal by the end of the year is to set (at least!!!) one or more records in this category of lightweight rowing. , while advancing my 54 (so far) marathons including 17 consecutive at the NYC Marathon. Maybe I’ll run a Boston qualifying time along the way (or not). Anyway, assuming this goes (I’ll try to provide weigh ins and updates at the start of each month just, you know, to keep it interesting), I would love to write a book about it. Maybe we’ll call it “How I lost 31 lbs and set a world record in rowing” or something. Rowing (as a lightweight crew member, no less) was my college sport while at Columbia, albeit just for freshman year. I wasn’t particularly adept at it, but… still…
I would also like to see how it goes with three other book concepts for 2019. We’ll start, I hope, with some kind of anthology or other format of my GTMO related interviews. As alarmingly little happened on the GTMO front in 2018 (one prisoner was released per an earlier plea deal, but no one else was, although there was litigation brought over the Trump Administration’s policy of not releasing anyone ever), including on behalf of Candace‘s client Razak Ali of Algeria, but by and large, not much. Alas, 2018 was the first year since 2005 in which I did not post any Guantanamo related interviews. Perhaps 2019 will be different? We will see.
I have spent a lot of time in 2018 (and in 2017) helping out my good friend Donald J. Putin (n/k/a Individual One J. Putin) with his Twitter project; he and I would like to co-write a project called “Donald J. Putin On American Exceptionalism.” I think you can guess where that will be going.
And the fourth one will be based on my literal cottage industry (the only customer being residents of Stately Dog Manor and guests!!!), of my roof garden and stuff I cook from it, “100 meals cooked with ingredients grown on my Brooklyn roof garden.”
All this while, you know, maintaining the responsible sounding day job, my other responsible jobs as husband and father (including cat dad) and trying not to go insane in a nation that has already gone insane. Just want to say that I’ll be counting on Jane Curtin to carry out her resolution!!! Happy 2019 everyone!