If Iran the Circus

Alrightie then: this from WaPo’s Judy Greg Miller, in which the Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. suggested in prepared testimony that Iran is planning on terrrrrrrrorist strikes within our precious bodily fluids the Amurkan homeland, in retaliation for proposed unilateral American aggression in service of the Likud party possible military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.
Well, our uniformed personnel are out of Iraq now (though, of course, an American taxpayer funded mercenary force will remain)… we can only bog down so many of them in Afghanistan… so… time for another war… somewhere!
Of course, the only real hope for the future of the American economy is to can the war bullsh*t, and not get bogged down in an insanely expensive and pointless conflagration whose only beneficiaries will be Erik Prince and Bibi Netanyahu Halliburton, Northrup Grumman, Erik Prince and Bibi Netanyahu. That would be too much to hope for.
In the meantime, it seems, Iran seems to be smoothly figuring out how to evade European/American sanctions by simply selling its oil for gold (which will also help further undermine the U.S. dollar’s status as world reserve currency– way to go geniuses!) Of course, is that a response to the ramped up rhetoric and sanctions… or… is that why, perhaps, Iran is slated to be “next” on our priority list for “regime change”?
Well then. Maybe Mitt Romney will get to inherit the next U.S. military sh*tstorm, as we move from our “Mess O’Potamia” over to our “Mess O’Persia,” kind of the way Barack Obama inherited everything else. Either way: Goldman Sachs is fully hedged on this one (with minimum counter-party risk– for itself; the rest of us are kind of screwed… but what else is new…)
This has been… If Iran the Circus.