Souper Bowl, Bread, Circuses, etc.

Sorry to be my usual downer self… Hey, I’m as pleased as any New Yawker to see the scrappy N.Y. Giants triumph over the more arrogant (though still brilliant) N.E. Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI (the last place we still use Roman #’S!) as anyone… but I do note that the route of the inevitable ticker-tape (sort of) parade scheduled for tomorrow goes, as usual, right by my office building, which means it also goes right past the Occupy!-free Zuccotti Park (which I assume will be extra clean for the occasion!) The D.C. Occupy! is under some extra “tent cleaning” lately…
Along with the Republican primaries/caucuses (btw, congrats to Mitt for winning the Mormon-heavy Nevada caucus), sports are presented as one of the distractions from things like, oh… the fact that election year “improvements” in unemployment stats… simply mask reality. Or that the ongoing banking crises… are still ongoing. Or that the fundamentals of the economy… aren’t so good. Or that we are now a de jure dictatorship.
Well then. Congrats, Giants! Yay New York! Rah Rah!