R.I.P. Habeas Corpus

I try to be sanguine about these things (our pretensions of not being a dictatorship ended around eight years ago with the S. Ct.’s ducking of Padilla, as I saw it)… but Candace pronounces Habeas Corpus officially dead now (as the Supreme Court ducks all seven D.C. Circuit cases for which review was sought), and I can’t disagree. (When she posted that yesterday, Candace didn’t even know the pretty much foregone result in her own client’s case (scroll down to this case: 06/12/2012 Civil Action No. 2010-1020, ABDAL RAZAK ALI V. BARACK H. OBAMA, ET AL. Doc No. 1500 (memorandum order), by Judge Richard J. Leon), denying all remaining motions and sending the case to the dreaded D.C. Circuit, where Habeas pretty much went to die… Candace certainly knows it now.)
The rubes, of course, to the extent that they are even aware that their purported Constitution only exists for “the 1%,” or more accurately, “the 1% OF the 1%” (as if they needed, as they are already immune from the law, let alone above it… see “Corzine, Jon;” see also “Blankfein, Lloyd”, “Paulson, Hank”, and “Sachs, Goldman”… er, reverse that last one…), would probably be just de-lighted to hear that a bunch of A-rabz is gettin’ treated not too different from our own [swarthy] prisoners. GTMO is just a microcosm for the kind of nation we have become: abusive, overbearing, hypocritical, but fundamentally, scared shitless, even of a bunch of pathetic young men that our own government has largely determined to have been picked up erroneously in the first instance. It explains drones and “kill lists”… not exactly how a proud and confident nation with proud and confident leaders behaves, now is it?
Habeas.. you had a good run. Rest in Peace.