Your sad of sads…

Well, it seems to be be happening… on this, what would have been Abe Lincoln’s 205th birthday (had that bastard John Wilkes Booth not shot him)… one of the pioneers of my parents’ youth, or perhaps even earlier, has left us… thus, the legendary Sid Ceasar passes away at 91. His hey-day as uber-showman was around ten years before my own birth, but his influence on media was incalculable; among his writers were Woody Allen, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks and Neil Simon.
Interestingly, his death was announced by his family spokesman and long time biographer, my college and law school classmate, Eddy Friedfeld.
Mrs. TD once clued me in to a sign observed in Thailand, to the effect of “Don’t Worry… 100 years from now, all new people.”
Indeed. Still, the giants among us do seem to be leaving our realm… and they are just not being replaced.
R.I.P., Mr. Caesar.