Bush League

It seems in this, the middle of George W. Bush’s fourteenth Barack Obama’s sixth year in office, that fatigue is setting in. Hence, after another seemingly dangerous and expensive diversion so that the President can “support our troops” by showing up in Afghanistan for a much-needed photo op, the (on?) crack Obama Administration advance team outed the CIA’s station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan.
The WaPo piece makes clear that the alleged Fourth Estate caught the own goal mistake, and issued a “corrected” list of persons who would be present at a briefing with the President not including the name of the CIA station chief (identified as “chief of station”), and besides… everyone important in Kabul probably already knows who the CIA station chief is anyway so there… but it was a reporter from WaPo… the newspaper… that pointed this out to the White House in the first instance, questioning whether this was intentional.
Say this for the Bush Administration: when they out a CIA agent, they mean to do it.
In this era of Orwellian nightmare surveillance technology and an Administration committed to not only using it to eavesdrop on virtually every communication on this planet, but also committed to the personal destruction of any and all who dare out the wrongdoings of government by whistle-blowing (and to the assassination of citizen and non-citizen alike in the name of battling “terrorism”), one might see the humor in this kind of amateur-hour dumb-assery. Then again, it took me a while to realize that this piece about an expensive weapons program being protected by Congress notwithstanding its ineffectiveness… was actually from the Onion.
The Obama Administration just wants you to know that your government is not merely committed to killing terrorists and, of course, hope itself… but seemingly, humor as well.
Consider that job well done. One of the few things this Administration can say that about.