Regarding the most recent Malyasian Airlines disaster (maybe God just doesn’t like that airline?)… as he does with so much going on in our world, Brother Dmitry explains it all for you, in this brilliant thought experiment. Bottom line: now that we are safely thirty years beyond 1984, aside from everything being “doubleplusgood”… we apparently no longer need ask for “evidence” from those purporting to “report” the “news.” We are simply provided the regime’s narrative, and voila, everything is settled for us. No further thought needed. In this case, we are at war with Eurasia; we have always been at war with Eurasia John Kerry tells us that Putin and Russia are eeeeevil, and have now taken their eeeeevil to shoot down a civilian airliner, either at their own hands or at the hands of their allied separatist rebel friends in Eastern Ukraine near Donetsk… the only problems with this are the various pieces of evidence (i.e., the “pro-Russian separatists” lacked the means, motives, opportunities or MOs to do this, whereas the Ukrainian regime had all of the above)…
Dmitry himself suggests his own explanation is but a thought-experiment, and you (whomever you are), should consider the evidence on your own terms. But alas, John Kerry’s job (as it was Hillary Clinton’s before him) seems to try to draw Russia (or someone) into some kind of broader war that, hopefully, will become the kind of (magically non-nuclear, or at least nuclear where “our side” wins) World War that completely distracts our addled (and, as recent events show, clearly not very bright) population from their domestic woes (an ongoing economic contraction, an income/wealth distribution that would make most banana republics gag, health-care costs exploding even as health care “outcomes” continue deterioriating, the full brunt of “Obama-care” ostensibly finishing off any possibility of growth in full-time employment, etc., etc.). Thus far, at least, thankfully, Mr. Putin and his minions, somewhat addled themselves as they are by recent developments, still apparently refuse to take the bait.
BTW… in a similar note, we should probably recall that the current Israeli incursion into Gaza originated in a stepped up assault by Israel against Hamas in supposed retaliation for the murder of three Israeli teenagers… but you’ll excuse me if I don’t recall any “evidence” linking Hamas (or for that matter anyone in particular) to the murders of the three teens. No question that Hamas was suspected… indeed, that organization may well have had the means, motives, opportunities or MOs to do it… but I have still not seen any evidence linking Hamas to the deaths of Naftali Frankel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar… although, without doubt, the stepped up assault on Hamas (razing of buildings, arrests of officials, etc.) did seem to coincide with Hamas engaging in stepped up rocket fire towards Israel, which has culminated in the current Israeli assault against Gaza (which has now managed to kill hundreds of Palestinians, and, for a change, a couple of dozen deaths on the Israeli side as well) … has anyone noticed how uncritically we have been trained to accept the premise that Hamas was somehow responsible for the (supposedly) precipitating event, the specific murders of three Israeli teenagers? It’s now a reflex. (As with the Ukrainian situation above, I join Dmitry in suggesting “consider the evidence yourself”… Hamas may well have been responsible for the murders and pro-Russian separatist responsible for downing the airliner… I’d simply rather not take these things completely on faith, which is how they are being presented.)
Kind of how, oh, uncritically we have accepted the guilt of men held at Guantanamo Bay, notwithstanding that, so far at least, none of them have been tried or found guilty of anything specifically associated with the 9-11 events (and of course, all but a handful have never been charged, let alone tried, for anything at all… and yet, their guilt is simply assumed.)
God knows, as we quickly approach 100 years since the commencement of the Great War… which, to this day, the full causes of the First World War remain in dispute, it was agreed that it was “a series of unfortunate events” (many of which were completely half-assed, including a belief by everyone involved that any conflict would be quick and decisive)… maybe it’s time we recalled that “our betters” didn’t know what the f*ck they were really doing then… and we have no reason (let alone “evidence”) that they do now.. and maybe we should start using our own minds for a change, and demanding actual evidence for premises before accepting them… particularly when the consequences are likely to be grave and catastrophic?
Just saying.