Festivus is coming

Item: Satan sends his annual Christmas letter. Let’s just say that this holiday season is looking good for the Prince of Darkness. You go, Janet!
Item: The latest in the wave of campus protests apparently hits “America’s Most Liberal College [TM]” (that being Oberlin College). Watch out, Jazz Department!
Item: While no matter what he does or says, Donald “the Donald” Trump remains “teflon” as his lead expands, Matt Taibbi tells us it’s “too late to turn off Donald Trump,” noting that like most of those who support him, The Donald’s “reality” is… wait for it… only what it he sees on television… where Muslims are terrorists, Mexicans are rapists/drug dealers, and all uncomfortable situations are either resolved in 21 minutes or less, or avoided completely by changing the channel.
Item: The Democrats are apparently having a debate tonight… who knew? Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders apologized to Hillary Milhaus Clinton for the possibility that some of his campaign staffers might have tried to take advantage of an apparent vendor-driven data breach… Hillary and anything electronic… not being something she wants to talk about. Ever.
And a group of political scientists at Western Illinois University had correctly predicted the Presidential election winner since first making such predictions in 1975, and they predict that a Sanders/O’Malley ticket will vanquish a Bush/Rubio ticket… While such exercises are entertaining, they fail to note that JEB Bush and Marco Rubio are from the same state (admittedly, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were both from Texas… details), and, of course, that The Establishment is probably not going to stand for a Sanders win (although… with Hillary, all things are possible), and Heaven knows, the media does not want you to believe that Bernie’s cause is not hopeless before it begins (of course, repeat after me, with Hillary, all things are possible…)
Meanwhile, across the pond, Andy is all over the repatriation of Shaker Aamer to the UK from GTMO, itself a pre-Festivus miracle.
Only you can make this a reality-based Festivus season… will this be the year we can finally ease up on the airing of grievances?