With Hillary all things remain possible

The woman who singlehandedly gave us a Black President (with a middle name Hussein) stands poised to give us an outer-borough New Yorker as our next President… Donald Trump from Queens is polling well against her, for example. (His tacit praise of Kim Jong Un notwithstanding.) And Bernie Sanders from Brooklyn is a mortal lock to win the New Hampshire primary (as is Mr. Trump.)
Aside from the horse-race thing, one could go all big picture, stop a moment, and realize that Hillary [I have to tread carefully, as she and I share a birthday] has had a series of positions that were “fuck-up proof”… first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, legacy celebrity senator from New York, and Secretary of State… and yet, she managed to, well… fuck each of them up, be it with her respective roles in Whitewater (and that cattle futures thing), as First Lady of the United States with, well, the original health care debacle. Vince Foster and the White House travel office scandal, as senator, with that all-important Iraq war vote (thanks again, Hillary), and finally– as Secretary of State– a job that entails stepping down the steps of an airplane and having your picture taken, she managed to give us Benghazi, the e-mail fiasco, and of course, she was in charge of the genius neocon underlings who gave us the coup in Ukraine. Say what you will about her, after No Drama Obama, we are sure to have… Drama.
Meanwhile, upstart candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders polls far better against Trump than she does.
In short, Fuck. This Shit.