One long national nightmare ends… another begins

President-Elect Donald Trump.
I suppose I should measure anything I say quite carefully after that; I’m still exhausted, having run a marathon three days ago, and then spent over 13 hours on my feet yesterday at a polling place in Philadelphia yesterday, as part of a valiant, but clearly inadequate effort on the part of Hillary Clinton (who was mucking around in Arizona while not defending her flank in the old rust belt, thereby vindicating the analysis of Michael Moore, who predicted this, and in this way.) The women in my life are extremely unhappy today… but… but… more White women, at least, voted for Trump than Clinton.
I feared something like this as well… admit it… you did too… you didn’t really believe polls after Brexit, now did you?
Is this what the nation needed right about now? I don’t know; it is, however, what the nation has rather decisively chosen… Republican governance across the board, btw, as that party controls both houses of Congress on Trump’s coattails. Regular readers know that I don’t really have a pollyannish streak, but at least our relations with (nuclear armed) Russia are likely to improve dramatically. Will anything else good come out of this? Time will tell.
Good times.