Pussy Riot

Have to run out of the house early today, but I had to link to this piece from Politico, Clinton aides blame everyone but themselves. Listen, Trump was shocked he won. Michael Moore (and honestly, you and I) were horrified… but not “shocked.”
Hopefully, the fact that this awful candidate (who’s the narcissist, Tim Kaine? who won’t listen?) has now lost to a Black man, a Jewish man (for whom she cheated to “win” by preempting the California primary) and now, she has done the ultimate– an inexperienced and unstable P.T. Barnum clone who seemed to be trying to lose…, This means she should never be allowed in public again, let alone the Democratic Party as a candidate. But she’s a Clinton: maybe only God can shut her down… because I fear she will back, poisoning her party for at least the next four years. Like she and her husband have been doing for decades.
Let’s hope I’m wrong. One term of President Trump should be enough, don’t you think?
Update:: Not even forty eight hours after Hillary Clinton presides over the biggest debacle in American electoral history… wait for it… no, not that the outlier professor who predicted a Trump win based on his unique metrics now predicts that Trump will be impeached or resign… no.,..
The announcement is… wait for it… Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for a Congressional run. Game, set, match. It has reproduced: the Clinton attempt at a dynasty will now proceed via another generation. Democrats… be afraid.