What’d I miss?

As those of you intrepid (or curious) enough to keep checking back in here are aware, there was an “account suspended” message up for a couple of weeks, while you pondered “Has the talking dog gone the way of oh so many of those other old blogs?” The answer was “maybe,” but is now a resounding “hell no.” We have resolved our technical issues, and are back, preaching to our millions thousands hundreds dozens of loyal readers.
Preaching what? Damned if I know. It’s once again way too late in spring coming, and my vegetable garden is not installed (although last week afforded ONE DAY during which I could at least clear last year’s overgrowth, though it did not afford a SECOND DAY for seed planting or compost installation). Oh, and we’re over 15 months into… you know what For those who think that Mr. Mueller,or perhaps the likely Democratic Congressional majorities, will “save us,” just color me highly skeptical. Anyway, enough about the macro: what happens to the affairs of state is likely beyond our individual control, sadly.
What IS within our individual control are our own actions. I am trying to devote myself to “immigrant friendly” activities. I am trying to write letters, visit persons in immigration detention (btw, OUTSTANDING NPR piece on that subject for those interested), and trying to help new arrivals with their English. Baby steps: we can’t fix the world. We can certainly hope that the courts help us, and take heart when we see such eents such as our old friend Judge John Bates of Washington. D.C. shoving DACA up you know who’s you know what, and the Supreme Court will take up Travel Ban 3 in argument (and the pundits feel it will uphold it..sigh…).
Well… enough about what’s beyond our control. Try to find some way that you can help. Little things count– maybe more than big things, because the big money guns are out there trying to take credit for the big things, while the little things desperately need to get done.
What can I tell you… anyway. FWIW… I’m back…