America, fuck yeah!

So it’s July 4th. And You Know Who is President of the United States, and doing what he does. Meanwhile, a whole lot of Republican Senators and members of Congress are celebrating it in Moscow, presumably because securing Russian cooperation in their upcoming elections is more important than pitching to voters.
Meanwhile, something like 14,000 new citizens took their oath of citizenship today. At the same oment that the You -Know-Who Administration plans on launching Space Force a task force devoted to stripping naturalized citizens of their citizenship (read “from NON-WHITES”).
And on this 242nd anniversary of a group of elite White men declaring independence from another group of elite White men, a friend whom I have been visiting for some months at one of our nation’s involuntary guest facilities, in this case, in New Jersey, was abruptly deported, even before the ink on a decision denying him asylum had time to dry. A fine July 4th he (and his friends) had.
Meanwhile, Candace has a number of things on her blog, including that her client Razak Ali has started his 17th year of indefinite detention, despite never having been charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime or anything else, and that the GTMO project has hit 6,000 days. There is a court hearing coming up next week in D.C. as to a new motion brought by a number of detainees to challenge their endless detention in the face of a President who is not even pretending to consider whether the men are still detainable… and the same government lawyers who have carried on through Bush, Obama and You-Know-Who carry on some more, this time arguing that they lack the facilities to even broadcast proceedings to the men (at GTMO) effected by them. Sigh.
We won’t even talk about the fact that just five days ago, Loquacious Pup and I meandered over to Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza for a rally to protest the separation of immigrant families including thousands of small children, which in turn, was part of numerous similar rallies all over the country.
I don’t know. Things are not moving in a good direction. Fuck it. Happy Fourth. Fuck Yeah.