Happy 9-11

Ordinarily I love to rant on this date, and would have done so earlier in the day. My earlier technical problems (a firewall at my IP address) have been helpfully resolved by my hosting company, and so we are back! Boo ya!
I have My friend Donald J. Putin has a lengthy diatribe over on twitter, which is lengthy by twitter standards but not by those of this blog.
Bottom line, it has been 18 years since 9-11. The damned World Trade Center twin towers were only open for 28 years. And yet, once the next ten years come and go, I predict that we will still go through the motions of a public ceremony devoted to private mourning as a national tragedy that led to insanely expensive (and end-of-American-empire inducing) wars that, in the end, have only made us less safe in every way. 18 years since the morning I got to watch the events from a ringside seat a block north, and then walked home through the surreal lower Manhattan environment and over the Manhattan bridge. Loquacious Pup wasn’t even two. BTW, the most obvious manifestation of those events, a forever prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, is still up and running despite holding only 40 prisoners, and get this, the trial of the alleged 9-11 perps is scheduled for January of 2021. Of course it will proceed as scheduled. HA!
I don’t know what else to say, so let me make it easy: the terrorists won. We deliberately killed ourselves. Any dispute as to that was eliminated with the election of Malicious Circus Clown and presumptive Russian intel asset Donald J. Trump as President of the United States simply out of massive personal pique and media malpractice in deliberately relying on stolen Russian information (stolen from DNC email servers) but not attributing them to stolen email servers, while giving said presumptive Russian asset a complete and total pass for his lifetime of personal corruption and incompetence. Bi-partisan advancement of neo-liberalism so that elite financial professionals profited at the expense of the lifeblood of everyone else on Earth has finally caught up to everyone (at least 4 out of 5 Americans living paycheck to paycheck), and enough Americans said “fuck it,” even if that meant a known clown and probable traitor.
Well then.
Much of the current terminal state of the American Empire is the subject of Donald J,. Putin on American Exceptionalism: It’s not you, It’s just America being America, which should be available early next month (I hope). (Wait, WUT? Did you just use the sanctity of 9-11 to advertise yourself?)
Alrighty then. As we often do, we turn it over to the Cheneys.