A travesty of justice

The lunatic defrocked priest, Cornelius Horan, who cost sportsman of the year Vanderlay Lima the gold medal in the Olympic marathon by jumping onto the course and tackling him was given a suspended sentence by a Greek kangaroo court. Assuming that Mr. Lima was, say, a Greek athlete, I suspect a life term for attempted murder would have been handed down.
I hope Mr. Lima is around in four years at Beijing. There, if the likes of Mr. Horan attempts to cross onto the course, I have little doubt that he’d be shot dead well before he disrupted the race. (Would that be… bad? Just asking.)
This is the sort of European disorder that was evident at the Tour de France, where various European assholes jumped onto the course trying to disrupt the performance of Texan Lance Armstrong, who showed them pussy Euros (especially John Kerry’s country, France) that Amurrka rules anyway.
Well, we won’t have none of that pussy anarchist disorder here in New York (where the GOP National Convention opens); our disorder will be organized and professional. To quote the late great Richard Daly, “the police are not here to create disorder; the police are here to preserve disorder.”
Well, there sure are enough OF the police. I’ll try to get out today and give you reports from the street…