Minute Rice

American Secretary of State Incompetetentalleezza Rice earns her moniker… particularly with her brilliant decision to be the first U.S. Sec. of State in over 20 years to fail to attend the “ASEAN” summit of East Asian and Pacific powers. Evidently, “Dr.” Rice has other, more important things to do… like… well… whatever they are.
She refused to discuss the (asinine and insanely counterproductive and disrespectful-to-some-of-our-most-important-allies-in-the-region) move, instead saying “I’m here to take questions about the tsunami.”
While visiting one stricken area in Thailand, the Secretary of State blessed the locals with an entire 41 minutes of her time (during which time, her driver kept the motor running.)
Are we trying to make ourselves into a pariah state? Because, one gets the feeling that no one can be that effective at it without trying…