No excuses for this

The Unseen Editor forwards me the latest outrage in Bozo (as distinct from Gonzo) Journalism: the Associated Press’s account of a Bush rally in Wisconsin.
The story is that President Bush expressed his prayers and thoughts for the speedy recovery of President Clinton (who is about to undergo heart bypass surgery). So far so good. Supposedly, the crowd booed, and Bush did nothing.
Except it didn’t; which is why he did nothing.
This would appear to be some sort of invitation to believe that those who would attend a GOP campaign rally are Neanderthal bloodthirsty assholes who would wish a popular two-term President a premature death. Which is, of course, a lie.
This is not Fox News: this is the God damned Associated Press. Is this what we have come down to? We need secondary confirmation of A.P. stories? Liberals can’t win, anymore, unless we become even more outrageous and bloodthristy liars than we accuse our opponents of being? Well, if this is what it comes down to– if we can only win by becoming despicable liars, then I would rather not win.
The Associated Press owes those responsible for this pink slips. And to the rest of us, an apology.