Kudos to the Boston Red Sox, who overcome their reputation as the worst chokers in the history of sport and ably handed that mantle over to the former home of Mickey Mantle (on the late slugger’s birthday no less) in an inconceivable 10-3 win capping the only comeback from being down 3 games to none in a playoff series. We’ll let Sox fans themselves (such as our own Unseen Editor) decide if this lifts– finally– over 80 years after the “Babe Ruth curse”… the curse. Some say the BoSox must win the World Series. After the Inconceivable Comeback against the Bronx BOMBers, I’m not so sure. Of course, they may well go on to take the Fall Classic too… Nothing like night games. In Boston. At the end of October.
Let’s just say that the baseball prognostication (re: the success fo the Houston Astros, who play their own Game 7 against the favored Cardinals tonight) that I attributed to SecDef Don Rumsfeld may be a better bet than how other things are going, like, say the unit commander of the 343rd Quartermasters (as you will recall, her troops decided not to go on a suicide mission with inadequately armored vehicles) being mysteriously “relieved of her command and reassigned” Or how about Britain agreeing to shift over 800 of its troops from reasonably calm Southern Iraq (where, by and large, the British have things in hand) to insanely dangerous Central Iraq (where the Americans, as usual, have things in a hash.)
(Yes– you correctly surmise– no matter what the subject, it always DOES come right back to Bush and Iraq!)
To be fair to Don, a lot of Iraq was indeed taken away from him and handed to Reichsfuhrer Incompetentaleeza Rice around the June 28th sovereignty transfer fraud date. The purpose of moving Bremer out of Iraq before the July 4th holiday, aside from letting him move into his Vermont summer house on time, was, of course, to maintain tight White House control over the coverage of the Iraq debacle. You see– it’s about what the Bought-and-Paid-for-Press sees as “the story”. If we have “an occupation”, then American troops dying and being maimed for no reason is “bad”.
Ah, but if we transfer “sovereignty”, and largely run the operation for political, rather than military objectives (result, of course, is substantially increased casualties, and as Kerry and Edwards constantly note, casualties seem to increase every single month since the sovereignty transfer fraud), it’s “the Iraqis’ problem”. In other words, even though the fighting and dying is still being done by Americans, and at a faster pace, because we are no longer occuping Iraq (you see), no one is dying at all: it’s not happening. Sure, bad things are happening in Iraq, but it’s “not our problem” (just as bad things happen in Darfur, and Russia and other places that are “not our problem”).
Understand? Me neither… but then, I like to think my head isn’t up my ass. Our press seems to buy this shit, as do around the necessary critical mass of enough of the American people (around half).
Whatever. Here’s hoping for a huge fall for teams hailing from the Bay State.