More fruits of spending four years at war with one’s own intelligence service

Well, it looks like we have “the facts” as to what happened at the unfortunately named Al Qa Qaa weapons complex in Iraq: as shown in a video taken by a crew that came in with the 101st Airborne, the shit was all there when we got there, and it was US that fucked up the security measures.
Game. Set. Match. George W. Bush’s alleged strength for those who believes that gratuitous wars of aggression are a good thing was that “at least” he kept weapons out of the hands of terrorists. Only at Al Qa Qaa, we put bad-ass explosives INTO the hands of terrorists (as well as all comers).
My only concern remains the timing: how could they keep this suppressed until just ten days before the election? Maybe the yellowcake diss and humiliating Tenet and Valerie Plame and God knows what else are all starting to come home to roost. THIS was the October surprise, and its really too late to trot one out for Bush (four days till Election Day).
We’ll see: but with Al Qa Qaa’s allegations safely confirmed: i.e., NO PLANNING WHATSOEVER was made to secure these sites of nasty weapons despite the IAEA BEGGING the Bush Administration to protect them means that either (1) this was never about WMDs, or (2) our government is too stupid to be returned to office. Either would be an impeachable offense in a normal situation.
Those supporting the President at this point are doing so strictly as a faith based initiative. Because now John Kerry could knife-rape a nun on live t.v., and there would still be no way to demonstrate that he is anywhere near as bad as the Bush Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight.
Well, wish me luck, y’all, as the big weekend is here: me and Jim Henley will be going for blogger-jogger greatness in the Marine Corps Marathon in and around our nation’s capital (the appropriate expression NOT being “break a leg”).