Rank Incompetence Has Its Privileges

Brief news event (apropos of the post title), thanks to Bruce the Veep, who solves the mystery of why Colin is out, and Rummy is in, with this WaPo piece. What it boils down to is that if the Colin Powell wing were to survive while the Rummy wing were to be ousted, this might be perceived as a tacit admission that the fucking disaster known as the Iraq campaign wasn’t a perfectly executed military masterpiece that threatened to undermine rather than enhance our national security.
Hence, rather than admit the possibility that a disastrous policy was… the least bit problematic… best to jettison everyone else and continue executing the disastrous policy. Those of us who were perplexed that Senator Kerry didn’t say “My vote for the war was a mistake; therefore, my vote not to pay for it was NOT a mistake and if elected President, I will get us the fuck OUT of this mistake so fast your heads will spin…” need no longer worry about it.
Because the policy executed by the Bush Administration is, of course, flawless, and we should all give thanks to the one true God (Pat and Jerry, which one is that?) for blessing us with a leader like George W. Bush and a brilliant tactician like Donald Rumsfeld.
I didn’t get a hozah! out of you… you’d best watcheth thine derriere…
Finally, a hearty happy birthday to Mrs. TD. (We went out to see Bobby Short for the occasion; unlike our SecDef, Bobby is VERY competent, as is Mrs. TD.) And tomorrow night (17 November)those of you so inclined can figure out a way to listen to your talking dog on internet radio with Shaun from Vegas (baby). Don’t ask me how… Just figure out how… and tune in! (8 pm PST, I understand.)