The Revolution Will Be LIVE

This week’s visit to Pravda gives us an “up close and personal” on some of the all-important mob members, estimated at around 5,000, who are camping outside government buildings in Kiev, in support of challenger Viktor (or is it Victor) Yuschenko. Among the festivities are at least four engagements and one actual marriage, and of course, the “Miss Revolution” contest for the lovely young lady protestors who did not manage to pair up. Hard to say if the crowd will begin to dissipate now that they seem to have their wish: the Ukrainian Supreme Court has nullified the last round and directed a new presidential runoff the day after Christmas.
I wonder what Pravda regular commentator Timothy Bancroft Hinchey (especially after this wonderfully anti-western piece that hearkens back to Pravda‘s glory days as the CPSU house organ) now that Ukraine’s own supreme court– in defiance of the clear wishes of Vlad “the interferer” Putin– has ordered a new election runoff.
We’ll see how this plays out. Sitting here in the bluest blue state (and juiciest A.Q. target of all), I look over at the democracy loving Ukrainians willing to take to the streets and their honest supreme court willing to overturn a crooked election… enviously.