You Can’t Make this S*&^ Up (Part… I’ve lost track)

Amidst the announcements of the resignations of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and U.N. Ambassador John Danforth (and of course Tom Ridge to be be replaced by Bernie Kerik who will put the Ho’ in Homeland Security), the Bush Administration announces that the one guy who will stay is SecDef Rumsfeld.
Bruce-the-veep e-mails to suggest that perhaps President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld are, in fact, involved in a plot to soften up Earth for an invasion by their alien overlords. The more likely reason is that dumping Rumsfeld (for any reason, at any time) would be a tacit admission that Rumsfeld’s performance has not defined the word “perfection” (the same rating that the President– who evidently feared heckling by Canadians— gives himself).
We’ll see. These guys have done their damndest to undercut checks and balances throughout the government. One of the most basic checks and balances, is of course, that the President gets candid policy advice from competent officials in the first place.
Well, no point worrying about that one.