We will sell no wine before its time

Many thanks to Steve, a/k/a the Linkmeister for pointing out that I seem to have left my comments off, in the face of what I considered a personal attack so inappropriate as to warrant serious consideration of ending comments altogether.
Well… hopefully, comments are back now… so give it a shot…
Anyway, quick note, care of the Jerusalem Post on the love-fest associated with new Iraqi PM Ibrahim Jaafari’s visit to our good buddies in… Tehran As the article notes, Iran is largely responsible for an awful lot of terrorism and sabotage within Iraq these days, so… well, I guess “appeasement” comes to mind as a word… Just one of the many unintended consequences of our intervention in Iraq: unleashing the forces of democracy may well lead to a form of Shia irredentism (or at least, closer relations between Tehran and Baghdad).
Who’d have thunk it?