Novak to testify before Plame grand jury

Bet you’re thinking as I was that we were talking about Bob “Prince of Darkness and Karl Rove’s best friend in the whole world who isn’t named Bush” Novak. Ha! We’re talking about Time‘s Viveca “No Relation” Novak.
It seems she was talking to Karl Rove’s lawyer in the middle of 2004… Why? How the hell do I know? Presumably, that’s one of the things that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will be asking.
We can’t really tell where this investigation is heading, but for those of us still naiively clinging to notions of American justice, this at least means that Karl is sufficiently interesting to Fitz to keep asking questions about him. Or of course, he may intend to ask Ms. Novak something completely different, and of no relevance to Rove at all.
All we know for sure is that the Washington power establishment and press establishment are so hopelessly intertwined, and frequently in bed together (often literally), that the criminal justice system may prove to be the only avenue from which the people will learn the truth about the workings of their own government.
Well, at least we have blogs… otherwise, I suppose, people like me might actually chose to do something that might make a damned bit of difference in their ever-dwindling free time…
Hope springs eternal for a bloody red Fitzmas… but we probably no better. We know that Fitzmas will probably be as big a disappointment this time as all the other times… Looks like I picked a bad day to give up drinking…