Change of Pace

Proving that his vaunted personal loyalty is about as real as his Texas accent, the President “reluctantly” acceded to the decision of Poppy, Jim Baker and the Cabal SecDef Robert Gates, and hence, Gates announced that General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will not be reappointed. General Pace kind of went over the top recently with his remarks that homosexuality shouldn’t be tolerated in the military because its “immoral,” and by sending in his personal recommendation letter for old Scooter Libby to get a lighter sentence… but, come to think of it, for that and for being so damned gung ho on the President’s Iraq policies, you’d think General Pace should be throwing his hat into the ring for the Republican Presidential nomination!
Instead, he’ll have to step aside for Gates’ choice, the much more Ready for Senate Confirmation Prime Time Navy Director of Operations Admiral Mike Mullen, who has yet to be tarred with his own involvement in the Iraq fiasco, and hence, will be much easier to sail through the Senate for confirmation… one wonders why, say, John Bolton is worthy of a coveted “recess appointment” to end run the Senate… while Pace gets thrown under the bus. See above re: personal loyalty.
This could be symptomatic of an overall weakening of the President, from all the I’s (well, Iraq and Immigration, anyway).
Taking us to the Grey Lady observing that as the “Grand Bargain” on immigration reform appears to have collapsed in the Senate, the President’s power continues to wane… wane… and wane… Which is good, because a discussion of what was wrong with that bill would have taken years and cost millions of lives… Ironic that it is nativist Republicans who killed it, given that you’d think it would be Republicans who LIKE the idea of setting up a legally defined underclass of low wage workers unprotected by worker safety or wage/hour laws all flooding our borders to drive down the wages of American workers… whereas Democrats just might oppose the bill for these reasons… but that’s not how things go anymore.
The Republicans all have to worry about being soft on swarthy people, because by and large, they are now a Deep South/Mountain West regional party, whose
constituents… just don’t want them to be soft on swarthy people. Illegal migrants from Mexico will fit that bill nicely. Democrats, by contrast, you’d think would be looking out for their union-member and African American and Latino working class constituents, and not so keen to force them to compete with line jumpers from abroad… And you’d be wrong again. Because both Big-Democrats and the Bush-Lieges were playing for the marginal pander to some Latinos… all bets are off on this… and apparently on everything…
But we can agree… while the swagger isn’t out of Bush’s personal bearing… any further advances on his agenda (whether Pace or Race Immigration…) will actually at least have to have some popular support, for a change. Curiouser and curiouser…