Shining a little light on CIA “black prisons”

WaPo gives us this account of a recently released report from the Council of Europe and its point-man on this, Swiss legislator Dick Marty, documenting European cooperation in CIA detention/torture facilities in Poland and Romania, in which, among other things, the CIA abused NATO relationships to enable it to do these things in those venues. I think that’s a little extreme; both Poland and Romania are relatively poor countries very close to the former Soviet Union who were more than eager to help out their new pal, Uncle Sam, in any way they could.
Either way, our readers are already familiar with this sordid tale, if not on their own or from our general discussions, then in detail, from our interviews with Stephen Grey and Trevor Paglen, who have been following the few publicly available threads to get to the bottom of our CIA “extraordinary rendition” program story and its rather… unpleasant implications.
Well, this is the thing with “secrecy”: some secrets are just known by too many people. Things will come out, and they won’t be pretty. Which is why we should all at least try to lead exemplary lives, whether as individuals, or as a nation.