Gung Hei Fat Choi

You know its not just going to be a good year… it’s… the Year of the Dog [talking or otherwise]! That means, boys and girls, that the next twelve lunar months at least will be a welcome respite from those dismal political times we’ve had, and the economic treadmill that many have been on; we’re coming off of the year of the Cock, and before that, the year of the Chimp (no wonder you know who won in 2004; it was his year!) So long dreary times… hello year of the dog!
Not even the seeming inability of my favorite political party TM to mount a fillibuster of a Supreme Court Justice committed to the destruction of our party and all it stands for, assuming that it stands for, oh, civil or constitutional rights of any kind (though hope springs eternal–call your senator…) is going to stop this year… Year 4704 is going to be f*** ing great… just like the last year of the dog, 4692… when we had the… Republican… Revolution… as Emily Litella used to say… never mind.
And so… proving once again that Brooklyn is, in fact, the center of the universe, Mrs. TD, the Loquacious Pup and I attended the family party for the lunar new year over at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. LP logged much time under the dancing dragon… or was it a lion… Anyway, the BMA, which not only would be the premier museum of any other city besides this one (or possibly Paris, Florence, London or St. Petersburg), but, save those others… would probably be the premier museum of any other country. And its collection of non-European art (notably Egyptian art, art of the Americas and Asian art) are, frankly, second to none, anywhere, and its European art is pretty damned kick ass… But on Chinese New Year, when its Asian art is on feature… it just… blows one away…
The perfect way to ring in the year… of the dog. The Dog is in the house. Woof.