Seedy Gonzales

And onward goes the U.S. Attorney firing story, with this WaPo piece now observing shifting versions of the story coming from the White House, the Justice Department and recently resigned Alberto Gonzales aide-de-camp Kyle Sampson. Well, well. What gives?
In some sense, the last thing the White House propaganda operation wants people to think about is how integrally tied it was to maintaining its Congressional majorities, to the point of stage-managing prosecutions of Democrats and suppressing prosecutions of Republicans timed to the election cycle… which seems blatantly troubling and should be iillegal if it already isn’t… We tend to pretend that there is “prosecutorial discretion”, independence of political concerns, and so forth. It all makes us feel better about a system already grossly stacked in favor of the powerful and/or rich.
And this whole incident takes the mask off that… And the Bushmen would rather we not know how the system works– and indeed, under their governance, we become less and less a nation governed by laws and more a nation governed by and for the benefit of [rich, White, racist, venal] men.
But at the moment, it being Washington and all, it comes down to personalities, because, well, it’s all high school, right? Issues don’t matter– it’s who the uncool kids who wanna be cool wanna have a beer with, right? OF COURSE IT IS.
Which is why the story is now about the over-under on Gonzo. Well, boys and girls, the over-under on Gonzo here at the talking dog is “Thursday, Noon.” Place your bets; if Alberto is still in office at noon on April Fools Day, the game is called off… But otherwise, feel free to use comments (or email if you’re shy about public comments) and tell me when YOU think Alberto will resign or be fired, date and closest hour, we’ll let CNN and its “Breaking News” emails be the official timer on this… OK… place your bets! Winner gets lunch at the swanky restaurant of my choice… if you’re not in the New York area, we’ll think of something… perhaps an autographed copy of that book I’m surely going to write!
But if it comes down to Gonzo or Rove… sorry Alberto. If it came down to Bush-kidz Jenna and Not Jenna Barbara… sorry girls. Frankly, if it’s Rove or Laura… er, sorry Laura. Pretty much anyone short of Poppy and the Carlyle Group goes before Rove (and if the CG is threatened by him… there’s always a remote ditch in one of the D.C. area’s many picturesque parks…)
O.K…. the Alberto Gonzales Career Dead Pool: Ready. Set. GO!!!!