Theocracy Now!

Those of us who were kind of troubled by the inability to mount a successful fillibuster of Scam Alito’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court get to shake our heads and say “surprise, surprise”… the High Court voted to dispense with a number of earlier precedents and outright find a so-called partial birth abortion ban constitutional (5-4… of course.)
I’ll defer to Scott Lemieux’s observations on this; I think the short answer is “it’s about the patriarchy, stupid.” You little ladies don’t really know what to do with your bodies so we’ll tell you for your own good. Note that the High Court found the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to be a perfectly valid basis for Congressional action here. Well… let’s think about what that says… as if we didn’t realize that we are all commodities of those more powerful than us. Isn’t that the principal that Scam Alito has stood for since those halcyon days at Princeton?
Well, let’s hear it for the Republican framers: they have picked a peculiarly unpopular aspect of a peculiarly popular right [this poll, albeit a bit dated, shows overall 57% support for all abortions legal in all circumstances, up to 88% in some circumstances, though still 69% favor a “partial birth” abortion ban.] And now… they have rammed it through. Elections have consequences indeed.
It seems the right finally has the Supreme Court it has always wanted. Democrats could pass a bill reversing the 2003 ban… let the chips fall where they may… either play a fillibuster or a veto against the Republicans. Of course, such a move requires… spine. Just as those bills to restore habeas corpus have been so successful… Maybe it will happen. And maybe…
As Scott notes, this is NOT a moderate decision, by any means: this is an extremist decision, opening the door to an eventual reversal of Roe, and the opportunity for a Congressional ban on all abortions in the United States. That’s the goal. That’s one of the many reasons why competent professionals have been replaced by Pat Robertson’s otherwise unqualified Macchiavellian theocrats in the highest ranks of our government.
Good old American exceptionalism… well, there you have it. I guess I picked another bad week to give up sniffing glue.