Call me gob-smacked to find that Sun-Kyung Cho, the sister of the Virginia Tech mass-murderer, is employed by the Bush Administration in an Iraq reconstruction function. At the moment, she appears to work for a contractor called McNeil Technologies, but the Princeton grad seems to have worked for the State Department in the successor to the Coalition Provisional Authority, either directly or indirectly in at least three stints.
Given the Coalition Provisional Authority’s sordid history of hiring only inexperienced but connected Republican operatives for its crucial budgetary functions, we can more than reasonably conclude that in order to get her job, Ms. Cho is, presumably, somewhat well-connected to Republican circles. I’ll acknowledge that in some sense, hiring a Princeton economics grad seems a vast improvement from the likes of Monica Goodling and the other unqualified Christian soldier-bots who seem to have Administration prominence.
Small world, I suppose.
Kind of like when John Hinckley’s brother Scott was supposed to have dinner with Neil Bush some evening back in 1981… or perhaps like Marvin Bush being intimately tied with the security contractor for (1) the World Trade Center, (2) Dulles Airport and United Airlines and the reinsurer for the World Trade Center and just “coincidentally” happened to be in downtown Manhattan on September 11th… or numerous other convenient conspiracies coincidences.
Let’s just say that the abysmal performace by miserable-excuse-for-Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales got a tad less airtime than it would have, say, had some maniac not murdered 32 people earlier in the week, and leave it at that.
Synergy… for a strong America.