Curse of the Gambino

Extra kudos to Mrs. TD for that post-title, relevant to the amusing revelations that a Sox-fan construction worker buried a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey under the new Yankee Stadium (as reported by Rupert’s Post). The jersey was eventually unearthed, after not insubstantial effort. Even more amusing (aside from the back and forth with Yankees’ acting owner Hank “Hankenstein” Steinbrenner to the effect that the fellow construction workers of Gino Castignoli should kick has ass), are the revelations that Mr. Castignoli had once previously pleaded guilty to involvement in a gambling operation with ties to the Gambino crime family.
Lost in the midst of the colorful baseball lore involved is that the new Yankee Stadium– which, I can tell you from having passed by it in the No. 4 train, looks an awful lot like the old Yankee Stadium– will cost taxpayers (such as myself) in excess of $663 million, thanks to sweetheart deals put in place by our last two (Republican) mayors, all so the Steinbrenners can make lots more money from luxury box revenue. All this comes at a time when the local tax coffers will be suffering as it is from the hit on Wall Street and the economy.
But then, if we didn’t have our bread and circuses (and the Yanks and BoSox)… we might actually have to pay attention to what our “leaders” are actually doing for– and to– us.