Vox parvi populi

Your evil mojo will not make me into a porcelain doll, you beasts!
Now that the kids, tweens and teens of the world come to Daddy’s talking dog blog to see pictures of the same people they see on t.v. (and there doesn’t seem to be anyone at all interested in Daddy’s political ravings… what else is new…) it’s time, once again, to get all “controversial” and give you… the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photograph above, in which a 15 year old girl pretends to be a statue, and I ask… what is the big deal?
[Some of you might also be asking what I’m doing up so late on a Saturday night… well, Daddy has to get up early to run somewhere tomorrow, so carpe diem! (Daddy says that means “seize the day” or evening as the case may be; he says he’s going to save a fortune on a Latin tutor, simply by having me eventually recite every Latin platitude he knows in this column.)]
Anyway, Miley Cyrus is not, as far as I know, a porcelain doll. She is, in fact, an android made out of really authentic looking flesh-like plastic and stuff, and not a porcelain doll at all. But, as Daddy says, talking about Miley means we’re not talking about the Rev. Wright (whoever that is). Daddy!!!!
This has been… carpe diem e pluribus unum Brittania est parva insula VOX! PARVI! POPULI!!!!!