The show must go on

Blogging lighter than usual here at Casa TD; a number of reasons for this. That day job that pays for the kibble has stepped up its demands (those slave-drivers!), I have some great interviews in the works (just as soon as I finish typing them!) and a coupla weeks ago… Mrs. TD brought home a pair of kittens… and let’s face it… blogging… or kittens? Blogging… or playing with kittens? Blogging is usually not gonna win, people.
In coming to the realization that part of kittens’ appeal is that they just live in the moment (and make those around them live in the amount as well), it dawned on me that of all higher mammals, only man is blessed with the gift of self-delusion. Indeed, that’s kind of the subtext of this blog… we dogs (talking ones anyway) try to remember this, and hope some day to exchange our own gift of self-delusion for some nice throw-pillows…
And so… the Iranian regime deludes itself into thinking that all is well because it stages some show-trials at which formerly high-ranking dissidents now recant their prior questioning that the rigged elections in Iran were rigged.
Just as the Bush Administration deluded itself (and many of us) that it was getting “valuable intelligence” by torturing people, even when it tortured children. And evidently, were it up to the Obama Administration, at least in its assertion of state secrets in as broad (and offensive… and wrong) a manner as the Bush Administration ever argued… we’d never, ever even know.
Or, switching gears, the fact that the favorite new strategy to kill health care reform is for connected health insurance industry lobbyists to just sponsor well-dressed thugs to scare already cowardly Democratic lawmakers into their default position: doing nothing (while some of us delude ourselves into thinking that things might be different… that the last election might have resulted in… change…)
All of this just makes one want to go… play with kittens.
See you’all… whenever…