I guess it was all worth it

It’s being reported that Osama bin Laden is dead, and the body is in American custody, and that the President will make a public announcement to this effect. It might have been from one of them flying killer robots.
Thing is… bin Laden has most likely been dead for years,,, so the question is… why the need to tell us now? So we can be told that… everything that has been done in the name of getting bin Laden, including the destruction of the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands (and the displacement of millions) of civilians, not to mention the deaths of thousands of American soldiers (and maiming of tens of thousands), the bankrupting of our nation (which will probably cost it not only its preeminence in the future, but quite likely, any future), the decimation of civil liberties and the rule of law, and the ascendance of the financial class to a level of virtual feudal dominance over the rest of us while any ameliorating social programs are jettisoned (but the military beast remains fully fed…)… is all worth it. Every last dead child. Every last American child who won’t have a parent. All worth it.
Gawd… talk about anti-climactic… and over four months before that big 10th anniversary… OBL, it seems, will be missing it…
So what now? Demobilize our military, bring the troops home for critical civilian projects to rebuild our infrastructure and get our economy moving again, and divert the military cost of two three four wars in Muslim countries back home into domestic programs, including a critical effort to develop a sustainable economy and society not dependent on guzzling oil? Get real.
Seriously… I have no idea. I’m guessing that like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, this announcement is to further divert everyone’s attention from the fact that Timmy Geithner just handed Goldman Sacks’ the keys to the nuclear arsenal… again. Just saying.
This has been… “I guess it was all worth it.”
Update: So as just to make sure not too many questions get asked about the manner of death or that it’s really him or when he really died that “his grave doesn’t become a terrorist shrine,” bin Laden’s body was “buried at sea.” Autopsy? We don’t need no stinkin’ autopsy… Given that so many of us still buy the need for tax cuts for the rich because they will increase revenue, or that the President, whose mother presumably never left Hawaii during her pregnancy nonetheless gave birth to him in Kenya, or that the world was created in six days (and Adam and Even rode to church on the backs of dinosaurs) and other “counter-factual” ideas, I guess Americans will buy just about anything. I suppose Donald Trump can now retract his demand for OBL’s death certificate… or can he?