Nothing to see here folks

That would be the passage by the Senate, and seeming inevitable signing into law, of a Defense Dept. authorization bill that pretty much codifies the body of “law” (including executive practice as rubber-stamped by a collaborating judiciary) pertaining to detention of terrorism suspects that has all but eviscerated the Bill of Rights. [Shorter U.S. government: GTMO for you if we feel like it, bitchez.]
Obviously, the President, back when he was Candidate Obama, promised to do the mirror opposite of everything in this bill. Of course, now he’s pretty much pledged to sign this codification of everything he ran against– and, American propaganda being what it is, he will then tell us a story as to why the supporters whom he has royally screwed should support him again, and why “it matters” sooooo much whether we “elect” him, or a comparable fascist with the letter “R” after their name.
Well then. We’re 10 years and 3 months past 9-11; in less than a month’s time (11 January 2012), Guantanamo Bay will have been open for detention of kidnapped foreigners for ten years (there will be a big to do in Washington; Andy, Candace and Debra will be there, with, hopefully, myself and thousands of others, and we can all, you know, vent.)
Except, of course, a close read of existing law is that just by showing up– merely exercising any rights that JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs think might be threatening to themselves could, you know, be construed as “terrrrorism”… and, it’s now codified (as I’ve been trying to tell you for years, it was already the law… if they could do this to Padilla, they can do it to you or I… the only limits were will and imagination… certainly not “the Constitution”… whatever that is). The Bill of Rights is a 220 year old piece of sanitary paper now, and any or all of us are now subject to arbitrary arrest followed by torture and life-long detention (assuming the President doesn’t decide it’s appropriate to launch a Predator Drone and just have us killed… no, no, they wouldn’t do that here in America… it might damage private property).
The “law” is no longer much of a “check” or “balance” on anything… Jon Corzine [and the rest of the financial uber-class] can merrily steal billions, and because someone like Corzine is a made man a big-time fund-raiser for Obama rich and powerful, he is, quite literally, above the law. If, of course, there really was any law. Publicly expressing outrage about it… including my writing this sentence, or possibly you reading it… could be construed as “terrorism”… and you know, if the President so decides… you have no rights. But then… you pretty much knew that.
Nothing to see here folks. Now move along. Please… don’t make me use this pepper spray.