Happy new year

I resolve (maybe) to blog just a little more than last year. That shouldn’t be too hard.
Might this be the year our mighty, but nowhere near as mighty as it pretends, nation, finally begins to recognize reality? One of the greatest slogans, in my view, of our nation’s most preeminent industry– propaganda– is from a margarine company whose name I forgot, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”
The sad reality is that, while it isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature, she ain’t no fool. It’s ourselves we’ve been fooling, by believing a propaganda machine telling us of high stock prices and low unemployment and now the huge throbbing lie of a new “energy renaissance”.
In the end, as daunting as our social, environmental, economic, moral and other coming crises are, my fear is of the most troubling failure– that of imagination…failure of mindset…that a faulty belief system itself is as deadly as the unsustainable arrangements it creates.
I can only put stuff out there, be it about Guantanamo Bay, or the economy (such as it is) or urban gardening or the law or whatever… and hope it triggers something in mindset, that something clicks about how much of our reality is simply about fitting things into established narratives… Because we’re not fooling Mother Nature… only ourselves…May this be the year we stop that, and conform our hearts and minds to reality, and not an establishment driven fantasy or parody of it.
Happy new year.