I’m not quite dead

Given my posting frequencies of late, one would never know if I were live or if I were Memorex some kind of net-bot, or if i were just an aging malcontent watching his nation decline (environmentally, financially, morally, in health terms, you name it…) so quickly (under the “management” of his own college classmate the President) that not even the self-indulgence of blogging is worth the trouble very often.
Oh well. It’s a lovely proto-summer day here in the Big City; I managed to eke out race 7 of 9 toward qualification toward NYC Marathon #15 which will take place in 2016 (thanks to the missed year caused by Hurricane Sandy, my streak– now at 13 consecutive– no longer conforms to the calendar year)… to wit, the Japan Day 4-miler.
And so, a Happy Mothers Day to all so celebrating (starting with Mrs. TD, her mom, my mom, TD sister, TD sister-in-law, etc. and all.) And a happy birthday to TD Dad (actually yesterday, a birthday he shares with Billy Joel among others). Even now– with an NYC high in the low 80’s– I’m still hesitant to fully install my roof vegetable garden yet… last year went into June before I did– this year’s winter was relentless, and I remain convinced it still has something to say. Even, of course, if I don’t seem to have much to say myself.
For no reason, here’s the Grey Lady’s Frank Bruni with “How Hillary is Winning.” The answer (Bruni doesn’t want to give) is “by being the only candidate.” Hey Frank: no one else is running as a Democrat (the only announced candidate for the Dem nomination, Bernie Sanders, is an independent, not a Democrat).
Meanwhile, in non-candidate news, progressive love-child Elizabeth Warren is the subject of a Barack-Obama-rant on how “she is dead wrong” about the biggest corporate give-aways and sell-outs of American sovereignty, jobs, and health, safety and the environment in human history ultra-secret “free trade deal” known as the “Trans-Pacific Partnership,” a deal so bad that it is being kept at the highest level of top-secret even though it will be “law of the land” if it passes Congress… because the public would be vehemently opposed to it if they knew what it was.
What it is… is a giveaway of the ability of American federal, state and local governments to protect worker safety, worker rights, environmental safety, public health, indeed, anything that would threaten the profit of the selected corporate behemoths who benefit from TPP, whether in the United States or in its “trading partners.” Lookit boys and girls: when it comes to a question of a “balance” between profits of the people who gave enough money to put him in office and the health, safety and welfare of the American people, Barack has shown that, 100% of the time, he will go with the former, and with TPP, he does it again, this time, evidently, swinging at Elizabeth Warren… then again…
Did I say that out loud?