Glorious Misleader

Who are you going to believe– Seymour Hersh– a journalist who has broken amazing stories time after time, from the My Lai Massacre to Mafia-style hit his present piece documenting the blatant falsehoods surrounding the Mafia-style hit murder daring raid of the compound in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding out and then murdered taken out by Navy Seal Team Six, and has proven a reliable source for decades… or my lying sack of sh*t college classmate the President of the United States, who might, you know, exaggerate from time to time.
Bottom line: I obviously believe Hersh. The only credible part of the OBL story is that he was actually killed (or was he?) by Navy Seals… that’s about it. The rest– hogwash. OBL was a prisoner of the Pakistani military and intelligence apparatuses, for God’s sake. Was it inconceivable to believe that the world’s most wanted terrorist would be hiding out on Pakistan’s equivalent of the campus of West Point without those apparatuses knowing about it? Yes… yes it was. OBL was their prisoner. Bottom line is that someone with knowledge handed over OBL’s whereabouts for the reward money., No “following the courier” bullsh*t. Then the CIA stalked him for a good long time to ascertain it was him– but then, when the raid was ordered, it was with the acquiescence of two key Pakistani generals… not by slipping through Pakistani defenses. The generals opened the door; helicopters could easily have been shot down otherwise– and would have been.
But since everything is about Barack, and in 2011, he was still facing reelection the following year, so he needed to make it about him, and then made it… all about him, thereby burning his Pakistani General cooperators (and the Navy Seals, btw, who he silenced). Yes… he made the heroes into chumps. And let’s not forget the campaign line, “GM is alive and OBL is dead.” And Zero Dark Thirty. All. Bull. Sh*t.
But the American people want the bullsh*t. Dear Lord. As so many other bloggers say… read the whole thing.
This has been, “Glorious Misleader.”