Sons of anarchy

Item: Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of incoming National Security Advisor (and retired general) Michael Flynn, who sports a Trump transition team e-mail address (and evidently performs services for said team) is evidently a connoisseur and spreader of White supremacist conspiracy theories and is quite active on White supremacist media platforms. Among the conspiracies he has peddled are gems such as Obama’s alleged Kenyan birth, or recently, the Comet Ping Pong Pizza fiasco; he is an aficionado of the platform “Gab,” which he has tried to get his father to join.
Item: At least one Texas elector has “gone rogue” and writes in the Grey Lady why he will not be casting his coveted 1 of 538 for Donald Trump, a man he believes unfit for the presidency.
Item: The President-Elect meets with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss the issue of climate change. Seriously: that Al Gore. Damned if I can figure it out; No More Mister Nice Blog posits this is about brandingIvanka’s branding. My view? The Donald tells us he doesn’t believe man-made climate change is real… but why should we believe him on this, or on anything else he says? He has no reality… ,maybe he’s genuinely interested in hearing about it? That… or the branding thing, of course…
Item: A mistrial was declared in the case of Police Officer Michael Slager for the killing of unarmed Black man Walter Scott. Video evidence shows the North Charleston, SC officer shooting Mr. Scott in the back while Scott was running away from a traffic stop. A jury could not reach a unanimous verdict; perhaps fatally shooting a Black man is simply not a crime in the perception of a goodly part of our citizenry (or, evidently, at least one juror)?
Item: Vice President Joe Biden suggests (“predicts”, actually) that he will run for President in 2020, when he will be 77. The president elect will be 74 by then… why not Joe Biden? Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, but Joe Biden would have wiped the floor with Donald Trump, had he run this year. Just saying…
This has been… Sons of anarchy.