Happy father’s day

And so we come to that part of the Hallmark calendar where we say “Happy Father’s Day.” To those in a position to celebrate… happy father’s day.
In the world writ large, things are moving right along. My literary projects are proceeding– well, Donald J. Putin on American Exceptionalism is nearly halfway through its second reading (and insertion of footnotes, of which there will be over 200 by the end). And if completed and successfully self-published, perhaps other projects can proceed. I have some gardening to do today… but, you know,,, I’m tired.
Doesn’t look good for any of the athletic grand goals, but then, what else is new? I suppose I could just cheat, the way SOME PEOPLE do, but that would be inconsistent with my sense of fair play (unlike some people).
Loquacious Pup is home from college for the summer, which, as far as I am concerned, is as good a Father’s Day as I can have. For you all… I wish you the best.