Flip flopping? Soft on terror?

Where’s Osama? Where’s Osama? (Well, we know he’s somewhere in Western Pakistan, awaiting his photo op in October, but that’s not important right now.)
No, no… after giving the President credit for behaving like an adult, and announcing that the war on terror TM can not, actually, really be”won”, the President promptly disappoints me, with his new marching orders from Karl, and, of course, told veterans in Tennessee, that, au contraire, the war on terror CAN be won!
While this presents a nice opportunity for Senators Kerry and Edwards to call Bush a flip-flopper, it’s really a lost opportunity to call for an end to demagoguery and scaremongering, and invite a rational discussion of just how good or bad a job the Bush Administration has done in battling Al Qaeda and making the nation safer, and whether or not the calm, deliberative, mature junior senator from the Bay State can do a better job, or has better ideas on how to the job… or we can go back to fake terror alerts, and surprises (see “Osama”).