Pay no attention to the man behind the kaftan

This shit seems to be getting old, unless you are a “resolved” “Texan” “leader” who tells us “I will not falterTM”, but in good old Baghdad, six Egyptian workers of the Iraqi mobile phone company were kidnapped from out of their office in broad daylight.
Do not be alarmed, I tell you! All is well! The cold-blooded killer we placed in charge of Iraq (via Digby) assures us that life in Iraq is so much better now that the previous cold blooded killer we replaced him with is safely incarcerated. (Yes– if you missed that link– go back and read it: there seems pretty good evidence that the man we have placed in charge of Iraq, Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, took out a pistol and shot a number of bound and gagged prisoners at an Iraqi police station. Charming.)
To show you the scope of my vast influence, not only did Damfa tell us in a recent comment here that cable t.v. bigshot Keith Olbermann used my Kevin Bacon Animal House reference in his own comments, but Secretarissimo Rumsfeld seems to have adopted my proposal for rolling elections. Of course, the ratio of places in Iraq that have elections will be somewhat lower than the 3/4 or 4/5 Rummy let drop; more like, oh, 0/4 or 0/5. The American people are satisfied that the President TELLS US there will be elections in January; as usual, no one will be held to account when they are not held. Ever.
At least we’ll get to have elections here, right? That’s really all we care about anyway. In another sign that John Kerry, contrary to rumor, really does actually have a pulse, Fightin’ John comes out swinging with a detailed terror fighting plan today. Again– not that anyone reads this blog or anything– but this is what I have been saying for some time: ignore the Clintonian bullshit about health care, or social issues, or even the economy as a whole, and come out swinging on the one thing that trumps all else this election: national security. There is just no reason why a man with John Kerry’s experience in foreign affairs in two decades on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee shouldn’t be steering his campaign boat right into this. Good to see he is.
I don’t know what to say about Iraq anymore. Just no nice, easy answers. I’ll just say that the President’s insistence on holding to the fantasy that things there have not already degenerated into chaos is not helping things. Well, four more months! Four more months!