Slumber party

Back to our visits to Pravda, with this account of President Bush’s big anti-terror speech to the UN General Assembly. The money line is that a fair number of UNGA delegates were asleep during the President’s speech. The point, of course, is that since Bush is basically reading the same script he has been reciting for years now, there is nothing new– and the UNGA delegates are not likely to stand and applaud (the way our own Politburo does) when the President hurls meaningless words like “freedom” (the President’s main bitch), “democracy”, or telling everyone how bad Saddam is.
As predicted, Fightin’ John Kerry has finally– FINALLY– come out on the attack about Iraq, simply pointing out inconsistencies between the President’s fantasies, Allawi’s pufferies, Rummy’s… statements, and other statements made by the same people. For his part, the President has declared John Kerry a treasonous malefactor for doing so, endangering not only our trusted ally (and puppet) Mr. Allawi and troops in the field, and has all but said that but for his high benificence, would declare Senator Kerry an enemy combatant and ship him to the brig in Charleston.
This is the ballgame: terror talk. And Iraq. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, Bush is as pathetically weak on these things as he is on everything else. This election has got to be about Bush’s record– and not on the Bush campaign theme (“look over there!”) If so, given that it is still a dead heat, the good guy (that would be anyone not Bush) will prevail. You go, Fightin’ John!