When Life Imitates Airplane!

As I traversed a midtown Manhattan subway corridor, in the space of perhaps 50 yards I was accosted by no less than four equal, yet important groups: the Scientologists, the Jews for Jesus, the Evangelical Protestants, and finally, the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Note that now that Sun Yung Moon is a “legitimate business” (owning UPI and the Washington Times), his people haven’t been seen for eons.
Previous record for that corridor: two. Was I tempted to use the straight-arm and knock these people down in the manner of Robert Hayes in Airplane!? Surely, I must be joking. I’m not joking, and my name isn’t Shirley.
Does this mean that the end is nigh? Or, possibly worse, a return to the sensibilities of the 1970’s?
Stay tuned.