30X 9-11 and counting…

Words are pretty much inadequate to describe the after effects of the monstrous earthquake and tsunami that has killed over 80,000 people across Indonesia and on into Southern Asia, the Indian Ocean and over to East Africa. Given that thousands of Americans are among the missing (though only a dozen are confirmed dead), and the President has apparently taken umbrage about being called “stingy”, perhaps this event will raise our consciousness of that part of the world where most of its people live.
In the meantime, ironically, the two hardest hit areas in terms of death toll, Sumatra’s Aceh province, and Sri Lanka, are also host to two of the world’s most active separatist insurgencies. While one would hope that this devastation might, perhaps, lead to a rapid coming together, one fears (well, I do anyway), that the insurgencies will get round to interfering with relief and rebuilding operations (Banda Aceh is already one of the remotest places there is, not helped by the insurgency).
Just a little reminder that death is always just over our shoulder, and you never know from one minute to the next, and maybe, just maybe, those petty little disputes that seem to define our lives weren’t so important after all.
Just saying.