U.S. Objects to inclusion of Cuba and Zimbabwe on Key UN Human Rights Panel

That would specifically be a so-called “working group on situations” where Cuba and Zimbabwe would join the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Hungary in a committee that will plan and coordinate details of next months’ meeting of the entire 53 nation United Nations human rights commission, which is most amusingly chaired by Libyan leader Col. Moamar Qaddaffi IIRC (by whatever spelling!)
The United States noted that becasue Saudi Arabia is conducting (men only) village scale elections, its dictatorial theocratic regime (elements of which sponsored the 9-11 attacks and which on occasion orders school girls back into burning buildings to their deaths because they didn’t wear their head scarves) has sufficiently improved its human rights record (and is keeping its oil related kickbacks flowing to the appropriate numbered bank accounts) so as not to draw even a mention from our Incompetentalleezza Rice controlled State Department.
OTOH, Zimbabwe is clearly worthy of our scorn: Mr. Mugabe has run a series of rigged elections, where, through unfair control of the national media and suppression of the opposition parties through intimidation, voter registration fraud, playing games at the polling stations and in counting (using allegedly rigged voting machines, among other methods) and has disenfranchisesd millions of mostly Black voters, to maintain his ongoing illegitimate kleptocratic rule.
Cuba is even worse. There is a prison on Cuba whose occupants are not merely subject to no due process of law whatsoever (in complete derogation of all international law and human decency) but the occupants of that prison are citizens of other countries that have been kidnapped and taken to Cuba. It is widely believed that the prisoners there are abused, if not tortured, and there is a world wide outcry that the prisoners be afforded basic human rights under Geneva Conventions, the UN charter and other bases of international law… The prison, maintained by the Castro regime at Guantanimo Bay…
Oh, wait…