Space… the final frontier

This week’s visit to Pravda gives us this discussion of certain, ahem, physical problems encountered by cosmonauts during and after lengthy space missions. I am reminded somewhat of the brilliant “In space, no one can hear you cream” by Ayn Clouter, IIRC both on her own eponymous blog and on The American Street (where you can check out my own contributions each Saturday, which this week, relate to Arthur Miller and Eason Jordan).
Back to the subject at hand (or not… as it were…), the weightlessness of space impacts… muscles and… potency. The concept of weightless sexual intercourse is also discussed; picture belts and adhesive devices, lest the participants each float off before… well… It also notes that space fetishists/fantasists (Glenn Reynolds comes to mind, just because, well, he does…) should note that a child conceived and born in weightless conditions would probably be dead on arrival: no muscle tone, no bone density… in short, interplanetary or interstellar travel involving years and years where human generations would have to reproduce en route… is not ready for prime time, for this, if for no other reason.
Part of why we visit Pravda each week: to give us the unseemly underbelly of reality… something in all too short supply on this side of the pond these days… until our next visit… das vidania