Death-Obsessed House Strikes Again…

The House of Representatives continued its streak of brilliant legislation, following up on the unpopular, unconstitutional, and best of all, ineffective Terri Schiavo private legislation, by addressing the most burning and important issue in the nation: whether those standing to inherit over $5,000,000 should ever pay any taxes again. That’s right: the People’s House passed a bill to make estate tax repeal a permanent feature of the American landscape.
Of course, this being America and all, chances are, even though at this point less than 1% of the population even stands to be in a position anywhere near being involved with an estate likely to pay the estate tax… (only a few thousand people a year leave estates over $5,000,000) the measure will at least be popular, cause we loves our rich folks. Yessirree.
Well, yee ha. Last I looked, those air-craft carriers weren’t refurbishing themselves… somebody’s just got to pay for our government. And if we keep lifting “the burden” from our rich folks, it’s probably going to be everybody else paying MORE in tax to subsidize them. And yet, the estate tax repeal is popular.
The House passes this repeal of the estate tax. The same House that stripped bankruptcy protection from millions of our most vulnerable and desperate citizens and refused to pass an interest cap of even an outrageously high 30%. You don’t even know what to say, after a while.